• Miriam Pultro

Now we begin.


Thanks for joining us for this first month of figuring out what Et Alia means, what it stands for, what it can accomplish. We began slowly, but we've begun. We have lots of ideas and paths to follow, and we're taking our time figuring out how to make them possible and sustainable. But we have laid the foundation for Et Alia, and what it exists to be: an organization designed to educate and encourage women and non-binary folks in their artistic pursuits.

In October, I will co-teach our first workshop on FILM PRE-PRODUCTION with my good friend Steph. What both of us lack in formal filmmaking education, we've more than made up for over the last decade of self-producing our own work, trial and error, lots of dead ends and frustrating days. What we intend to do is use our years of experience to shave those same years off your journey -- hand you, ready-made, what we've learned, and what we've found difficult to learn just through research.

We have a lot more incredible words of wit and wisdom coming your way through this blog, PAGES, from a gorgeous variety of humans on so many different subjects. We hope some of those words connect with you.

Even if you don't envision yourself to be a filmmaker, I encourage you to register (for free, of course) for our Film Pre-production workshop (Google form here). As this pandemic continues and social distancing remains in effect, it can't hurt to up your at-home filmmaking game with anything you might be able to glean from us.

As we move into September, autumn, and through Virgo season, I hope you are able to find comfort in home and family -- whatever and whomever that may be to you -- and in the routines and disciplines you cling to. It may look different, day-to-day, month-to-month. Whatever work you are doing on yourself and for yourself is worth it. I promise.

<3, Miri

photo by Tim Goodwin

Miriam Pultro is an actor-singer-writer who founded Et Alia. She is currently composing and producing two 10-minute (online) musicals for Halloween, "Heckedy Peg" and "Tam Lin," as well as composing a sung-through rock musical in which the Brontë siblings are a family band.

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